Friday, December 31, 2010

You and Her

For fear it would sound as a fake,
I dared not to let you know
      how deep you cut through her heart
      when abruptly you drew back,
      frightened of being more alone

Ah, dear one,
No one's life was free from carrying the baggage
Why should you try so hard to weighted yours?
I saw you hunched from bearing your pain,
      drown in your self pity

You had met a friend of years you had prayed for,
      why backed off because of afraid
      your burden would break her pearly smile?
Your troubled mind kept you from learning
She covered days of hardship behind shining eyes,
She hid the heartbreaks in flowers,
      concealed the wounds in it's fragrance

If only you knew
      she sealed a day's fight at night
      to welcome another in the morning

31 Dec 2011
happy new year, Nick, Nicko, you by any other names
© Era Fiyantiningrum